As an artist, sometimes you get so caught up in your work that you fail to notice the world around you.

The Ghost Ship was an artistic conclave in Oakland, California, where artists came to get their creative juices flowing as well as to show off their talents through art shows and performances. With its elaborate decorations, it was as though creativity and inspiration enveloped the entire warehouse, so it came as quite a surprise when the building and the creativity of these artists all went up in smoke.

Following the horrible warehouse fire that took the lives of over 33 people this weekend, the owner and founder of the Ghost Ship is being put on blast for some seriously insensitive remarks.

Derick Ion Almena angered people on social media when he posted an uncouth message on Facebook. In it, he stated that he worked so hard to create his warehouse and that he was left “standing in the poverty of self worth.” He paid no mind to the many people who lost their lives that day because his warehouse was not up to code.

Following the fire, Almena and his wife were able to safely retreat to a local hotel.

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A former friend of Almena has revealed that on multiple occasions, the man was warned by firefighters that the warehouse was considered a death trap and was unfit to be used as a professional venue. Almena would simply laugh off these comments and go about his business.

Many of the artists that worked out of the Ghost Ship were believed to have been living in the space, despite there being no permits allowing them to do so. There was no hot water, heating, or a kitchen, making it completely unfit as a living space.

With its elaborate furniture and exhibits scattered throughout the building, other survivors of the fire noted that escaping the warehouse alive proved to be much for troublesome because of the layout.

An investigation into the fire is still underway, but based on prior warnings that Almena ignored, it was only a matter of time before something happened.

Almena has since deleted his Facebook post, but has yet to issue another statement regarding the fire (or the ignorance that cost people their lives).

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Do you think Derick Ion Almena should be held responsible and charged because of his carelessness regarding the Ghost Ship? What do you think of his remarks? Let us know in the comments.