"Dramatic Photos Show Dakota Pipeline Protesters' Clash With Police in Freezing Weather"—BuzzFeed News

Amber Bracken

“Trump Tower, the Center of the Political Universe” —New York Times

"Trump Tower, the Center of the Political Universe" —New York Times

Todd Heisler / New York Times

“Trump’s relationship with the media, already complicated, has become more so as he keeps the press at bay — often to their deep chagrin. This series by Todd Heisler captures the peculiarity of being in a press pool, but still feeling like you’re on the outside looking in. The excruciating war of meetings that played out between Trump and the New York Times earlier this week is only a small taste of the frustration (and confusion) of what it means to be a journalist under his presidency.” —KB

"There’s a Stunningly Creepy Pier in Somerset That You Have to See" —BuzzFeed

Ben Birchall / PA

“There’s something about urban decay that is so interesting and alluring. Perhaps it’s a morbid curiosity about how something that was once so new, grand, and celebrated could become so decayed, poor, and forgotten. One can imagine the opulence of the Birnbeck Pier when it first opened in 1867, but Ben Birchall’s photographs capture the ramshackle state it remains in today. There’s a wonder to the images, laying the once imposing pier so bare and detailing all of its imperfections and deterioration. Perhaps we see ourselves in these structures – we all start out new, grand, and celebrated, and our curiosity lies in the possibility of such an ending.” —LG

"19 Photos Show What Life Is Like in Newly Red Michigan" —BuzzFeed

“Aerial Photos Show the Horrifying Scars Humans Leave on the Planet” – PetaPixel

"Aerial Photos Show the Horrifying Scars Humans Leave on the Planet" – PetaPixel

J Henry Fair

“The president-elect of the most powerful country on Earth, Donald Trump, is a climate change denier and is reportedly making plans to undo some of the initiatives the US has introduced to tackle climate change. So photos like this, which show the effects of pollution on a large scale, help us to keep perspective on the true damage our activities do to the planet. In his book Industrial Scars: The Hidden Costs of Consuption, photographer and environmentalist J Henry Fair shows us sobering views on man’s environmental impact, including pulp waste from facial tissues and heavy metal waste. Here we see a incandescent glow from the oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico. These images are beautiful in themselves, but their bright colours hide deadliness.” —MT

“Rarely Seen Photos by Jack London” —New York Times

"Rarely Seen Photos by Jack London" —New York Times

Credit Jack London/Henry E. Huntington Library

“Jack London was both a writer and a photographer. He was also, according to the New York Times, ‘a Socialist, a hobo, a sailor, a war correspondent and an oyster pirate.’ I was drawn to this photo as it shows my home city, London, some 114 years ago. The light from the policeman’s torch illuminates the man sleeping on the ground. Despite his incredibly awkward position, the man looks comfortable and peaceful; it’s an eye-catching image.” —MT