Parents have a really hard job.

They’re responsible for at least one other whole human being, which can be super stressful. And the parents I know are really hard on themselves when they shouldn’t be.

All parents mess up sometimes, and that’s okay. If you want to feel better about your own parenting, though, take a look at these 22 major mom and dad fails.

1. That’s…not how that works.

2. Internet addiction is too real.

3. Don’t shoot! (Seriously, though, keep guns away from children.)

4. These siblings are going to have so many questions.

5. Well, it was a nice gesture?

6. I think this kid needs a swinging lesson.

7. This cutie’s parent took “Mother Nature” a little too literally.

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8. He could be yours for just $19.99!

9. Better hope there’s no turbulence…

10. I think someone forgot something.

11. Just say no to clowns, even if they’re supposedly happy fast-food peddlers.

12. What do you do when you can’t find a babysitter?

13. This kid looks like he’s being tortured. No Ninja Turtles for him.

14. Even the other baby knows that something’s wrong here.

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15. Don’t drink and drive.

16. His days are numbered.

17. Starting ’em off with those unrealistic beauty standards early.

18. Um, is the top half of the baby in there somewhere?

19. I feel your regrets through my screen.

20. This can’t be worse than swimming in a lake, right?

21. You know vacation isn’t going well when your child tries to suffocate herself.

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22. Aww…let’s just hope he wasn’t locked in there for very long.

See? You’re not doing so bad!