Let’s start with the obvious, you’ll definitely see each other naked.

You’ll steal each other’s things — it’s how you’ll both survive.

You’ll witness plenty of each other’s breakdowns about school, love, money, or lack thereof.

Sometimes you just gotta let each other cry it out for a bit.

But thank god, you can actually be upfront about why you need them to leave the room for a bit.

You’ll never have to lie again!

You’ll spend late nights bonding over people you both hate, and it will be glorious.

Be sure to come prepared with a lot of snacks. It’ll take a while.

If they ever leave for the weekend, you’ll be counting the minutes to when they come back.

They’ll really, REALLY become the first person who finds out about everything exciting happening in your life.

I mean, you’re living with them. What do you expect?

Of course, living in close quarters with anyone is always hard. There will be days when you grow a little bit tired of each other.

But they’re still the only person you can play rough with who’ll still love you.

Come on, it’s hard to hold a grudge against someone you love so damn much.

You’ll do everything together, from homework to causing trouble.

But, like, honestly…mostly homework.

That said, there will also be times when you distract each other from doing work.

One of you will come home drunk to a very sober and annoyed BFF.

They’ll see the craziest sides of you.

Sometimes you won’t even notice how loud you’re being until your RA comes a knockin’.

You’ll depend on each other for moral support — someone to pull you out of bed and force you to be productive, because god knows no one else is gonna do it.

Via giphy.

But in the end, you’ll become even more inseparable than before.

Because at the end of the day, no one loves you more.